A Family's Bill of Rights

  • I have the right to take care of myself. If I feel this is being selfish, I will remember that this gives me the ability to improve my relationship with my parent/sibling/spouse/ or other family member.
  • I have the right to seek help and guidance from others, even if my parent or family member objects. I recognize the limits of my own endurance and strength. I recognize that my energy is finite.
  • I have the right to continue to live my own life. I know that I do everything that I reasonably can for my parent/family member, and I have the right to do some things just for myself.
  • I have the right to refuse to be manipulated by others’ difficulty in managing their own feelings. Instead, I give my other family members the right to own his/her own feelings, just as I own mine.
  • I have the right to receive consideration, affection, affirmation, and forgiveness for the things I do just as long as I offer these feelings in return.
  • I have the right to take pride in what I have accomplished and to applaud the courage it has sometimes taken to do what I know is best for my family member(s).

Adapted from: A Caregiver’s Bill of Rights, AARP
Jo Horne

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