Support Groups

Are you in need of a support group?

  • Do you need caregiving resources for your area?
  • Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you depressed? Tired? Rundown?
  • Would you like to have additional caregiving coping strategies?
  • Would you like to have the support of other caregivers who “understand” caregiving?
  • Do you want a support system?
  • Ever wanted to have someone be there for you?
  • Would you like to acquire more education from other caregivers?

IF you answered “yes” to one of these questions, we would like to encourage you to attend one of the support groups in your community!

How to find the right support group for YOU!

Things to consider when looking for a support group in your community:

  • How often does the group meet? Monthly, Bi-monthly
  • What time of day is convenient for you? Evening, Daytime
  • Is the location of the group easily accessible for you? Consider travel time
  • What kid of group is it? Caregiver, Individuals w/ Dementia, Male only, other?
  • Is the group for support¬†or education, or a combination of both?
  • What is the size of the group?

After considering the above and locating a group from the list, PLEASE call or email the facilitator. They would love to hear from you and provide additional details about the group, including the location.

I Joined a Support Group and . . .


* Learned that I could share my challenges and learn from others who understand in a safe and confidential environment.

* Learned approaches to caregiving and creative coping strategies

* Exchanged helpful resources

* Was reminded to take care of myself

* Learned that humor and laughter are essential in the caregiving journey

* Worked towards understanding and acceptance of the many emotions involved with dementia

* Gained education about dementia, research, and advocacy

* Was able to support others by sharing my own experiences

* Learned to accept that my loved-one’s ways were real and to stop correcting and reasoning

* Became friends with others that were going through similar experiences

* Realized it was ok if I wanted to remain quiet